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About us

Everyday is serious, shrouded in a veil of endless rushing colorless shadows wandering the gray streets. And while in the city a day turns into night and only the strings are still tense, with a pinch of naughtiness and playfulness, a refreshing and smiling ŽUTA OSA (Yellow Wasp) appears from the heart of soul.


The world in colors begins with the taste of the song, which awakes the essence, caresses it with the rhythm of laughter and, following the beats of old-town and Balkan ethno music masters, takes it around the taste buds of life, sensual, dreamy, penetrating. And people use to say: “ŽUTA OSA (Yellow Wasp) for dinner, it's a supreme taste, a wholesome meal of harmony and enchanted music, laughter and goodwill. On top of that, a glass of excellent wine."

Well, cheers!


Always serving a fresh meal for you, sincerely:

  • Miran Jordan - Jordy, accordion and vocals

  • Dušan Maček, tamburitza counter and vocals

  • Marko Kac, double bass and vocals

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m: +386 41 508 046 (Miran)

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